We probably should have done this before now...but it is better late than never! 

Many of you had that teacher that gave you the spark to compete, finish the job, encourage you to be a better person, strive for that career you hadn't thought of, sing a note you knew you couldn't, swim that extra lap to win or run until you couldn't run anymore!!  I am sure there are many more reasons a teacher touched your life. So now here is your chance to tell us who is your favorite teacher and why.

If your having trouble remembering any teacher's names, the Clearwater Public Library does have a copy of our yearbook and you can locate it at: https://archive.org/details/clearwaterlibrary?and[]=subject%3A%22Yearbook%22.

We are allowing you to see the collective results.  This is not the time to rag on a teacher/administrator. This is for the sole purpose of letting everyone know who is your faviorite teacher and why.

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1)   Who was your favorite teacher during our years at CHS and why were they your favorite teacher?